Friday, April 23, 2010

I hate to put a picture of myself. - But it's one of the few pictures I like of myself. And besides, I rather put something new, then something old I have. Today I did the my usual school day routine. Wake up, get dress, go through each class (feeling as if I did the same thing, just yesterday) and then at 3:04 I walk home with a friend. Luckily it's Friday, so I'll probably have something to do over this weekend. And I promise to take some pictures to show you guys. :D
So um, yeah. Have a great weekend everyone. -- As it begins.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

His name is Francisco.  Yes ladies he's single.  He got a little frost bite on lips from eating too many mango popsicles.  Right now my friend Gina is filming a documentary about me and my artsyness.  So I am pretty exited to see how it all turns out.  I am having like Ice cream fever right now last night I ate like two pints of Ice cream it was pretty gross.
This bad boy took forever
P.S. his mole loves cats

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hellooo. -- I'm enjoying my Saturday night watching Saturday Night Live and blogging with youu. >.< I don't have much to say, unfortunately... I had a urge of cleaning in me today. I sometimes get the rush of cleaning anything around me. (But it's rare. So I'm not always this clean freak. ... Or am I?) Anyways I had a cannoli cake today, for my uncle-in-law. (This is the second time, I've talked about some in my family's birthday. YAY!! :|) So um, yeah. Nothin' much, just chillin' like a villain. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is an ink drawing that took forever it is of my dear Autumn.  The other half of this bloggy blog skog.  I am doing portraits of all of my friends because well, they are delectable and delicious.  I am grounded again because I have toenails.  Believe it or not this has been one of my parents most rational punishments. So yeah
P.S.  Autumn's book loves cats
Aaah, yes. I'm a terrible blogger. But I do have a life, which keeps me occupied with shitty things. Anyways, I just got done with spring break. Not the going to the beach, flashing random strangers kind of spring break. But the going out and seeing movies and going out anywhere, kind of spring break. Claire (the other half of this blog) did a gig. She did a really great job! :) -- And to the picture. I took it during my brother eighth birthday. Which was last Wednesday. My mother made this amazing chocolate cake and we all went down to the LegoCenter. (For all of those who don't know; Legos = My brother's obsession.) Um, yeah. Hope everyone had a great weekend or spring break for those who had one...